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Recycling solutions giants Powerday tasked Chris Curd Design with developing a cutting edge website that does justice to the company’s broad range of recycling services. The finished design augments Powerday’s brand, resulting in a memorable web experience.


Web GL model of the recycling facility which the user can interact with by click-dragging the mouse.


Video link that once clicked transitions the user into the facility and opens the video player.


Latest news feed linked with the news page to automatically populate with the latest story.

Menu Popup

The popup menu for Powerday is a centered, overlay-style menu. It clearly lists the main pages and their sub-pages for simple and quick navigation.


We imported a 3DS model with textures, so the users can experience the recycling plant in their browser. It's fully optimised so the control over it's rotation is fast, and the loading time is short.

Vimeo Integration

When the user clicks the 'video' link on the homepage, it transitions them into the roof, and opens up a Vimeo player to show their corporate video.



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