Underpinning our digital projects

The CCD Platform underpins every project we initiate. It allows us to quickly and efficiently build data structures and core functionality for custom apps and websites.

With 15 years of product maturity and new features being added by our core development team on a daily basis, the Control Panel is part of our powerful toolset allowing us to create some of the most successful digital projects the UK has seen.

Streamline the process

We manage hosting for you, so we can streamline the entire process from content entry to optimised delivery, all whilst remaining speedy and secure.

Robust, secure & easy-to-use

The Control Panel provides our users with updatable bespoke content areas, app user tables, image and video management, custom forms with built-in reporting, and completely custom housing for what ever we wish the build.

This offers our clients a robust, secure and easy-to-use product to help manage every aspect of their app and website.


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