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By Administrator

12th Apr 2014

Chris Curd Design is pleased to announce the launch of Powerday’s new website showcasing the latest in web technologies.

The project features a digital 3D model of the Powerday Recycling facility and enables users to interact with it to give them a true sense of the scale and impact of Powerday’s site.  The 3d model was created from scratch, is technically accurate and is beautifully delivered.

“I’m particularly excited about the use of ‘Web GL’ in this project.  It’s a relatively new technology which we are pioneering to provide an even greater level of depth and engagement than we would typically be able  to with flat graphics and design.  There’s lots more planned for this project, so keep an eye on Powerday for further enhancements” Chris Curd, MD.

The website also features an entirely ‘responsive’ mobile design that scales to fit every kind of device, be it a phone or PC.  The intuitive menu system provides access to every level of the website at a glance and allows for speedy navigation.


Screenshot displaying the WebGL recycling plant on Powerday's website homepage

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