Movember 2015

By Administrator

3rd Nov 2015


This year the CCD team are developing a fresh autumn fur on their upper lips for Movember 2015, raising funds and awareness of men's health issues including testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health.


In 2013 the team managed to raise a respectable £1,500, this year we hope to smash that record - but we need your help !


On average, men die at a significantly younger age than women – the average life expectancy in the UK at birth and at age 65 is lower for men than women however there is no biological reason for this . The reasons for the poor state of men's health in the UK and around the world are numerous and complex. You can read more about this here , but for example did you know that men have a 14% higher risk of developing cancer than women and a 37% higher risk of dying from it? It's pretty depressing stuff we know, but you can help us out with this by giving us a bit of cash over at our Movember page .


So here's your chance to do something great with your day and pop some cash in our pot on behalf of your company, or just make a personal contribution - it only takes a minute or 2.


Donate here - thanks everyone!


- The CCD Team

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