Indrico, Siemens brand design & website

By Administrator

4th Feb 2017


Chris Curd Design are pleased to unveil Indrico’s new website, combining cutting-edge web design with high quality content. Indrico have innovation at the heart of the work, and Chris Curd Design have successfully translated this philosophy in to an original and sophisticated website.


The colour scheme takes inspiration from the Indrico logo using cool tones of blue and green across the minimalist theme of the site. The features of the site play heavily on the idea of motion and power, with custom animated icons, smooth long scrolling pages and embedded videos. Chris Curd Design have used the dropdown menu not only as a site map and navigation tool, but also as an interactive feature.


Consistent branding throughout the site familiarises users with Indrico’s products and mission statement. The design carefully pairs technical specifications with sleek imagery and rich content, to avoid overloading the page with information. By highlighting Indrico's unique offerings, users are encouraged to continue to review and purchase their products. 



The site ties together seamlessly, creating an attractive and effective platform for Indrico to demonstrate their capabilities. 


Check it out here

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