Google Chrome, our browser of choice

By Administrator

22nd May 2013

One of the fundamental challenges we face as web developers is the huge diversity of platforms that our websites must work on. We have to provide a seamless experience on 2.4 inch mobile screens right up to full HD 32 inch monitors, operating systems old and new, and hardware as quick as a fox or as slow as the proverbial lazy dog.

It isn’t always easy for users to keep up with the latest computing changes and we understand that it’s expensive to provide an entire business with the latest machines. However, there is still one thing that everyone can do to improve their experience of the web, and to help web developers provide users with the most cutting edge in web technology: upgrade their web browser.

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What is a web browser?

The web browser is your window to the web, it’s the piece of software that runs on your computer/laptop/mobile device that turns the code behind web pages into text, images and interactive experiences. If you don’t know what browser you’re using click here to find out. Jason Toff at Google created this one minute video to help explain what a browser is and why it’s important.

Which browser should I use?

We get asked this question a lot at Chris Curd Design, and we only ever have one answer: Google Chrome. Chrome is now the most used web browser in the world. It is a free, lightweight, fast web browser that is super easy to install and even easier to use. It is by far the most secure, most stable and the most up-to-date browser, bringing you the latest web technology and giving you the best possible view of today’s internet.

Chrome is actively developed by Google and it is available free on desktop/laptop machines, as well as every Apple iOS and modern Android mobile device. The reason Google are so focussed on Chrome is because the more people using the internet, the more people use Google, and the more money Google makes in the process, the byproduct of which is a great free browser for us.

We pride ourselves in keeping up with current web technologies and trends and as the web moves forward we are able to do more and more new and innovative things with our websites, providing far more immersive and convenient experiences for your users. Older browsers such as Internet Explorer just can’t support some of these newer features, so whilst we do everything possible to provide those users with the best website we can, they are missing out on the latest advances not only on our websites, but on the rest of the internet as a whole.

In short, we believe everyone should upgrade to Chrome, it’s really simple and it only takes 5 minutes, just click here to get started. And if that doesn’t work, you’re on a work machine or don’t have the ability/permission to install new software on your device, contact your IT department about moving your company to Chrome. It doesn’t require any new training and will actually save you money as a result of the efficiency you gain. Just today Google released an update making all web pages load 5% faster on average – that’s more than 510 years of people’s time saved every week!

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