COINS: Evolving the brand

By Becki Todd

2nd Jul 2019

CCD Studios have partnered with COINS, from their first website redesign in 2011. Since the initial project, the CCD team have collaborated with COINS to develop their brand, through a number of iterations. 





Brand Evolution

The website and branding have evolved over time, and CCD Studios have been instrumental in establishing the COINS brand style and identity as the business expands. The success of this ongoing project stems from a deep understanding of COINS business needs, delivering bespoke solutions to drive traffic, engagement and conversions.


To underpin a consistent sitewide brand, we have designed custom illustrations, animations and interactive icons across the website. In addition to the design and development of the COINS website, CCD Studios have created a variety of promotional products including water bottles, as well as signage and displays for events. 




Website - Updated Features

One of the latest updated features is an improved top menu, giving users better access to the Solutions area. The newly redesigned blog page features an uncluttered grid design and a category drop down menu, giving users quick access to the content they’re looking for. 


To meet the business needs for a customisable and flexible site, CCD Studios have developed a website that COINS are able to control to suit their requirements, from size and positioning within pages, to entirely new regions - all from the CCD Control Panel.


Self Service Client Area

CCD Studios have designed and developed a comprehensive self-service client area for the COINS site. This platform hosts important notices and is a space for COINS to showcase software releases, listing new features and different modules. Clients have access to hundreds of pages of searchable resources, including videos, documentation and downloadable PDFs. The client area has been designed to display a wealth of information in an easy-to-navigate, digestible format.



Regional variations 

The site is available across 4 regions; UK, US, APAC and the Middle East, with the capability for COINS to easily add new regions to suit their business needs. News, landing pages and client areas can be fully regionalised, all driven entirely through the control panel. 


SEO and Marketing Campaigns

CCD Studios have run successful Marketing and SEO campaigns to drive site traffic and increase engagement. Through continuous analysis, site auditing and optimisation, COINS average position is up by 43.7%, to page one on Google for most target phrases. COINS now rank higher than competitors for a number of priority keywords, with 4 keywords moving into a Top 10 position, and 2 keywords to #1. 


You can explore the COINS site here