Close call reporting App for McGinley

By Chris Curd

25th May 2018


McGinley have introduced their new SAM app, designed and developed by Chris Curd Design. The team are delighted to have successfully built and launched this "Safety At McGinley" reporting product. The multi-platform mobile app comes as part of McGinley’s on going commitment to safety, with the purpose of creating a simple and fast way to report safety hazards and “close calls”.  



Chris Curd Design have created a user friendly interface, with a clean design and fresh colour palette. The app is intended for McGinley Support Services employees, workers, customers and supplier and the intuitive layout is easy to use, making it accessible to everyone. Users can report a close call from any location and on any mobile device, allowing McGinley to ensure the wellbeing of their rail workers.  


Due to the nature of the app – ensuring the safety of workers across the rail industry – simplicity and speed are imperative. Chris Curd Design have developed a straightforward process for reporting incidents, guiding users to upload photos and share their location.


The app is available offline, so that data can be saved until the user is connected to a network.  Alongside the development of the app, Chris Curd Design have taken ownership of marketing the product. The SAM website mirrors the uncluttered design of the app, with concise, clear content and strong calls-to-action. 

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