CCD Studios launch new London Irish site

By Becki Todd

13th Mar 2020

CCD Studios are pleased to unveil a complete site redesign for London Irish. 


The new website brings a fresh look to the London Irish brand, incorporating contemporary design trends to future-proof the site, along with an improved user experience. The site has been updated to make a high impact, reflecting the London Irish club values and allowing fans to engage with their team. 



We’ve designed a full suite of functions across a variety of pages, to create a informative and intuitive site, including:

  • Hospitality
  • Games and Fixtures
  • Match Centre
  • Club Information (including player profiles)
  • London Irish Community 
  • London Irish Foundation
  • Official London Irish Shop

London Irish’s new site is heavily influenced by the brand colours, combining bold white text with their signature dark green. The layout is clean but remains visually interesting. Navigation played a key part in the design, as the site features a large range of content and pages. CCD created a strong information hierarchy, and an easy-to-use navigation menu, so that users can find what they’re looking for quickly.



CCD Studios have migrated the existing shop to an upgraded platform, to give fans and customers a better experience while browsing for and purchasing merchandise. The shop displays products in a clear way, driving engagement with the site and promoting sales. New functionality allows users to easily purchase items and gift cards, as well as delivering a new Click and Collection option. 



The updated site design allows for more advertising space, so that London Irish can showcase their sponsors and partners. 



As with all our sites, we’ve created a consistent experience across all devices, with flexible visuals and intuitive navigation. Content and social media features are condensed into a one-column mobile layout, allowing all information to be displayed, even when space is limited


After working closely with the London Irish team, we’re delighted to bring these concepts to life. By combining rich visuals with a clean layout, the resulting composition is both functional and eye catching. CCD Studios have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this project and would like to thank London Irish for their collaboration throughout.


You can visit the site here