CCD Studios and Triple Point launch a new Intranet System

By Becki Todd

15th May 2020

CCD Studios have launched a new Intranet system for Triple Point. 



We have been able to deliver this product incredibly quickly, in response to the Triple Point team working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of the platform is to unite Triple Point employees, both personally and professionally, so they can work effectively and keep in touch with their colleagues. 




The site allows team members to share announcements, documents and videos, blog posts and even team quizzes, to keep the social aspect of the business alive and well. We have designed the Intranet to give a community feel, a place for Triple Point employees to collaborate, communicate and connect - while combining functionality with branded aesthetics. 



Triple Point are able to easily customise, adapt and edit their Intranet from our easy-to-use control panel. The entire site is company branded, and we have designed a sub-brand “The Point” for the Intranet itself. 



The intranet is highly secure, with a priority on allowing data and information to be shared safely between team members. Team users are provided with their own unique account and login. 



Team members are able to search the intranet for specific topics, posts or documents. This means it can be used as an effective information hub, and users can easily find exactly what they’re looking for.



Each user is giving their own account, and this is fully scalable as the company grows. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can access the Intranet. 



As will all CCD Studios development projects, the Triple Point intranet works seamlessly across all devices, so employees can access whatever they need, from home or on the go. 


The CCD studios team would like to thank Triple Point for their hard work on this project, particularly given the expedited turn-around time. We really look forward to seeing the benefits the Intranet will provide the Triple Point team, both during the current social distancing guidelines and in the future.