CCD Launch New Website for Triple Point Investment Management LLP

By Administrator

17th Feb 2018

CCD are pleased to announce the release of Triple Point’s re-designed website.



Role based navigation designed to give Triple Point’s four target audiences direct routes to the information that’s relevant to them.  Each role journey is colour coded and complemented with specific imagery and writing tone.


A Mobile first design approach allowed CCD to design for the smallest and most challenging screen sizes first, working up to tablet and desktop.  It’s an extremely effective approach to design responsive and helped provide the parameters to force priority content.


Clean, robust design provides a clean current look with elegant colours and soft shadows.  CCD’s unique ‘Design System Methodology’ has resulted in a highly consistent user experience that complements the Triple Point brand.


Result driven forms provide easy ways to get in touch with Triple Point, and an adaptable contact footer provides contact information specific to the area that you are browsing.


A well planned, streamlined sitemap allows for most information to be accessible in a single click, with long scrolling pages revealing layer of content, including team biographies, portfolio information and detailed investment reports.


See it here

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