CCD Control Panel Version 6.0

By Administrator


14th Oct 2015

My name is Ben Beckford, I'm senior engineer here at Chris Curd Design.


Today I am excited to talk about the latest version of our in-house CMS, the CCD Control Panel, which has begun rolling out to our clients.



The CCD Control Panel has powered our websites and systems for more than 14 years, it is constantly evolving and delivers tens of thousands of web pages daily accross hundreds of unique websites. We use it ourselves every day as well as our large userbase of clients, and over time it has become very flexible and feature-rich.


At Chris Curd Design we've learned how important it is to deliver a smooth, dependable user experience not only for the visitors of our client's award winning websites, but for the people who edit those websites as well. We take this responsibility very seriously, we're always listening to customer feedback and we spend a lot of resources on getting it right. Version 6 is a real milestone for us - it represents the culmination of thousands of hours of planning, design and engineering. It really is the best CCD Control Panel we've ever built and our team are incredibly proud of it.


A visualisation of our work over 3 years generated from our version control system:


Visually reimagined, it uses coloured buttons, subtle animation and consistent layouts to guide the user through the all-too-often overcomplicated process of managing a website. It's our fastest and most secure version ever, we've spent a lot of time benchmarking and optimising our code, and we submit to regular audits from independant security experts. We've revamped our translation system so that websites can literally speak any language, a website's structure can be fully regionalised to meet customer demand without the need for duplicated content or separated systems. Our new data sets technology enables us to build bespoke editors tailoured to each website, greatly reducing the amount of work required to perform repetitive tasks such as adding a new project to a portfolio or updating a phone number on a team page - it's never been easier and our clients love it.


We've had great comments from our clients so far, and whilst there are too many new features to list here there are far more coming in future updates. The web is constantly changing, and it's important to us that our clients know their websites will continue to improve over time. Personally I get a real kick out of seeing people use our tools every day, and I can't wait to reveal what's next in store for our software.



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