Blue Sky Building Website Redesign

By Becki Todd

27th Jun 2019

CCD Studios have completed a full redesign of the Blue Sky Building site. 


Blue Sky Building specialise in construction, consultancy services and project management within the built environment. The new site features a clean design, with the colour palette taking inspiration from the Blue Sky Building logo - predominantly blue, grey and white. In contrast to this, bright colours are used to draw users attention to key areas. Throughout the site, hero images act as a showcase of the work that Blue Sky Building have completed. 





The site makes use of hover animations and interactive elements, such as the responsive navigation bar. The menu bar changes color to match each page theme as users navigate around the site. CCD Studios have designed custom icons to depict Blue Sky Building’s capabilities, and to highlight company values – in the Who We Are section. 





CCD Studios have created a selection of bespoke ‘Art Deco’ style 3D illustrations for the Blue Sky Building portfolio of work, with the layout designed to showcase key projects. The pages are easy to navigate, allowing users to explore their work and engage with the website. Interactive icons display the team and key statistics for each project in a digestible yet informative way. Hover animations used for each project transition between a custom stylised illustration and a photo, attracting the user’s attention and acting as a call-to-action to explore each project. 

Design System

The Blue Sky website benefits from a custom design system comprising of interactive cards, icons, buttons, stats and grids that can be swiftly combined to form dynamic layouts.


You can check out the site here.

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