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Making the information as clear as it can be

The site needs to convey a number of very serious safety messages, and it delivers these using a card layout.  This layout enables bite-sized chunks of information to be presented most efficiently, and the eye is quickly drawn to different parts of the site to find out more.

Information Delivery

A serious message but fun in appearance

The site is designed using a simple but effective colour palette of white, grey and orange (a Network Rail colour, which helps to build brand recognition) and more traditional design elements like a top menu. This enables the vast quantity of information available on the site to be housed in a way that ensures it doesn’t feel too busy or overloaded with information.

The Design

Optimised for mobile

The website is responsively designed so the Southern Shield message can get through to all rail workers even when they are on the move.

Mobile Friendly

Southern Shields staff use the CCD Control Panel to update content on the fly

The Chris Curd Design Control Panel is a cutting edge website authoring tool built in-house. It provides a quick & easy to use interface that doesn’t require extensive training.

Control Panel


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