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Create an innovative website that relays information as a narrative and helps recruit the best talent

Working globally in 22 countries, Selecture Global provides recruitment services in London, Singapore and Australia.  They wanted to explain their offering quickly and in a sequential way. To achieve this we create a system of card designs instead of pages, that are easily scrolled through.

The Mission

Cutting edge technology allows
for a more interactive experience

 Where further detail is neccessary on the website, each card may be flipped over in 3D to show more information.

3D Cards

Balancing the formal with the fun

Selecture Global must be seen as a formal brand, but also a fun one to appeal for cutting edge talent across the market.


Animated, interactive graphics provide
key information in a heart beat

Each card in the website contains bit sized chunks of information that are delivered to be as punchy as possible.


We continued the high impact look across all printed material

To give Selecture Global a consistently high end look and feel across all mediums. 


Selecture Global benefit from CCD's
cutting edge recruitment systems

Whilst being easily edited, Selecture can also upload their own job adverts, receive CV's and run detailed reports on performance and ROI.

Control Panel


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