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Utilising gimbal & dolly systems, the film retains a cinematic aesthetic whilst never straying too far from the core message of each film.

Coupled with the charismatic people that work at McGinley Human Resources, these films breathe a unique freshness into the corporate film arena.


Built across many years of work, we have an excellent relationship with McGinley Human Resources.

We admire their continuing brand development and general pro-activeness with each new project that we embark upon together.

A Flourishing Relationship

From events and award ceremonies, through to interviews and corporate videos, we've produced a wide array of cinematic films for the McGinley Group.

As a Fast Track 100 business and a Top 100 business to work for, the McGinley Group is growing very quickly, and with that comes the need for films to be made quickly yet retaining high production values.

Variety of Work

Because of the continual growth of the McGinley Group, these films focus on inspiring new recruits.

Our work also serves as the glue that binds the McGinley Groups marketing platforms, from their websites through to their social media platforms.

Films That Inspire


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