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We produced a beautiful & haunting documentary for the local community, centred around the uncertain origins of Mad Bess Woods, which have captured the local imagination of our nearby area.

Having grown up with the different accounts of Mad Bess, we decided to delve into the rich history of the woodland in the hope of answering the question ‘who is Mad Bess’. 

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The Story

4k digital-film cameras bring clarity and depth to this atmospheric film.

We captured every texture of Mad Bess Woods in breathtaking detail. Moving cameras provide the film with a cinematic aesthetic similar to some of the best loved horror films.


Sophisticated colour grading enhances the mood of each scene.

Our colourists isolated key colours in each scene to emphasise the visual emotion show on-screen.

Colour Grading

From the word go, this project was realised at the desks of Chris Curd Design, and finished in-house.

We asked various key people in the community to speak about their experiences of Mad Bess Wood. The response in the community was staggering.

From Conception through to Finished Film


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