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Produce a vibrant 'John Cleese World' to encapsulate the career of the most famous British comedian in history

Comedian John Cleese is most famous for his work with the comedy group Monty Python, and for the popular British television series Fawlty Towers.

The Mission

A brand design to delight existing fans
and bring excitement to the new

Inspired by John's handwriting, the logo design is designed to portray the energy and style of John himself. The identity refresh combines fun with a contemporary typeface and refreshed color palette. 

Build a Visual Identity

A super interactive website that allows you to beat up the same car that's in Fawlty Towers...

 ... kill Monty Python's parrot again, see a rare breed of lemur, see the Silly Walk, look at cheese and much more.

The Website

Almost all the best people, are dead.

Amongst digital support for John's South African, European and Canadian tours, we filmed a documentary to capture the essence of living and breathing live comedy for month's at a time.

A Video Documentary

Editing the website is silly easy

The Chris Curd Design Control Panel is a cutting edge website authoring tool built in-house. It provides a quick & easy to use interface that doesn’t require extensive training.

Control Panel


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