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Bright & Beautiful

COINS has been providing business software construction industry for more than 30 years. They have accumulated over 4,000 man-years of unrivalled, incremental industry knowledge and expertise.  The new interface brings joy to its users through the use of bright colours, beautifully crafted icons and clean clear layouts.

A New Look

Smart Tiles bring essential information straight to the user

The user can now add smart tiles that provide key information at a glance, for example a graph that shows overdue balances or a number indicating open tasks that need to be completed.

The COINS Desktop

The evolution of the COINS visual language

The interface has been designed with a fresh new look and feel without alienating existing users for a recognisable but modern experience.

Clean Flat UI

Consistent & high impact on mobile and desktop alike

To make COINS feel like COINS everywhere, we designed the interface to work across all platforms whilst embracing each formats quirks and benefits.  Mobile buttons are slightly larger and higher contrast to cater for working outside, whilst the desktop version is slightly more delicate.  

All Devices

A formal yet agile approach to the design process

The design of the COINS User Experience involves hundreds of wireframes and design iterations.  On site workshops help streamline discussion to help deliver the best possible outcome.


The result is a new look, feel and experience that COINS and their customers love

Surveys and face to face meetings have resulted in great feedback all round.



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