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GDPR & You

The General Data Protection Regulation is a significant piece of legislation that replaces all current data protection regulations.

We've developed a suite of tools for the Control Panel which will help you with achieving and maintaining compliance. These tools aim to reduce the cost overhead of some key parts of compliance, make it easy to manage certain common processes, and guide you to areas that need attention.

Data Subject Rights

The GDPR specifies a number of rights that individuals have regarding any of their personal data held by organisations. They may exercise these rights at any time, without cost or undue difficulty or delay.

This means you - as a data controller - have a responsibility to be able to fulfil requests on this data across all locations in a timely manner (30 days).

For your website and CMS, we're making this easy and quick to manage.

Data Subject Request Form

With your website being a key point of contact, we're provide a form where users can specify which right they wish to exercise, with an in-built identity verification step.

Data Subject Request Management

To make it easy to keep track of requests, we’ve built a ticketing system so you have an at-a-glance view of oustanding requests and how long you have to action them.

You can use this system to manage requests that you receive from outside of the website as well, if you wish.

Data Subject Request Actions

We have built one-click solutions for fulfilling most requests, as well as comprehensive tools to help you deal with more complex tasks.

We are also open to integrating these solutions with other systems you may have.


A critical part of the GDPR is the expanded requirement for how consent is collected for processing user data. To this end we've expanded our forms module with support for easily creating compliant consent options and attaching them to any existing or new data collection points on your website.


It is necessary to update your privacy policies for GDPR, and the details will need to updated on a more regular basis. In the Control Panel, we have one convenient place for dropping in and editing policies. Policies placed in the manager will also be integrated with other compliance features such as saving a copy of the policy at the time that a user submits any data, which is necessary.

And That's Not All...

We're always monitoring the state of the industry so we can bring you state-of-the-art tools to take the headache out of managing your presence online.

We believe that the GDPR is a positive step towards better protection of individuals, and have built a great suite of tools into the Control Panel to take the worry out of it for our clients.

We're also have features to support important compliance practices like data minimisation and automatic removal of old data as standard in the Control Panel too.

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