Kelly Group

The Project

Working across a range of industries, Kelly Group were looking for a new website to showcase their multiple capabilities. We needed to overcome the challenge of presenting a large amount of information in a way that can be easily searched and navigated - so visitors can find what they’re looking for on the Kelly Group site.

The Process

The CCD Studios team used photography to weave the Kelly Group branding throughout the site. With a clean layout and intuitive menu, site visitors enjoy a seamless user experience. We created additional pages to bring the Kelly Group story to life, including a timeline and Team page. The next step was to design a case study format to suit all kinds of industries, while also delivering all the necessary information in an easy to digest way. Heavily focussing on volumes and values, Kelly Group are now able to display their work in a quantifiable way.

CCD have created custom icons to direct users to dedicated pages for all of Kelly Group’s separate business units with an interactive map displaying Kelly Groups' vast regional presence, including information for each location. The colour palette mirrors that of Kelly Group logo, presented using an uncluttered design.

Improved website functionality will result in a more informative user experience, particularly across digital devices. The site boasts a long scrolling company timeline, along with an easy-to-use company information page featuring insights on the organisational structure, accreditations and business awards.

The Result

The Result

The site will allow Kelly Group to further realise their vision “to maintain their position as the most successful utility and telecommunication services company across the UK”, showcasing their successes and value proposition. This updated online presence will drive customer engagement, allowing users to explore what Kelly Group has to offer. Intuitive features such as a hovering dropdown navigation menu and search bar deliver a user friendly way to discover more about the business.

The new Kelly Group site has proved to be a great success. Special thanks go to the Kelly Group team for their work on the website and redesign. Our collaboration with the team has already yielded positive results and business outcomes, including increased engagement and visibility. 


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