The Briefing

The complete website redesign has given their brand an updated look and feel, whilst incorporating their existing logo and content. CCD Studios have created a space for Clipfine to showcase their projects, content and company culture. 

Recurring design elements across the site, such as the use of geometric angles, create a cohesive and consistent look. Pairing the Clipfine brand palette with complementing bold colours, the site captures users’ attention and drives engagement.

The Process

The site makes use of background videos to engage the audience and highlight Clipfine’s business capabilities. Alongside the video elements, bold photography of their specialisms provides a rich user experience. The fixed menu is easy to navigate and features a crosshair style cursor, creating movement and a modern feel. CCD Studios have designed custom icons for Clipfine’s services, with the bright design and strong blocks of colour coming together to separate each different facet of the business.

The Result

In order to present Clipfine’s portfolio of work, CCD Studios have built a comprehensive projects section that includes key information and striking photography. An interactive map of completed projects allows users to explore Clipfine’s work. Users can delve further into the Clipfine portfolio using the filter option, which breaks down construction projects by sector - such a commercial, residential and mixed use. Powerful imagery and bright colours bring the projects to life.


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