Burns Sheehan

The Briefing

Technology recruiters, Burns Sheehan, were looking for an updated and modernised website. Having worked with Burns Sheehan for a number of years, we were well positioned to deliver on this project. We collaborated with a large multidisciplinary team to bring the website to life.

The Process

We started with building a bright and clean layout. The hero banner features a glow and trail on the cursor, using WebGL Interactive light effect. Rounded tiles were used through the site to display information, as well as scrolling carousels to make the experience as rich and seamless as possible. Counter animations are used to elevate company statistics. In terms of recruitment functionality, the site boasts both an interactive and intuitive job search. Pop up elements allow users to tailor their job search, displaying the information is an easy to read way. The Hiring Solutions section features a toggl element, allowing site visitors to choose their preferred solution and explore a streamlined FAQ style information page, with graphics and design elements to add to the user experience.

The Result

The result 

CCD Studios would like to thank Burns Sheehan for their efforts with this project, and all parties involved are delighted with the outcome. The completed site is already performing well, and we have high hopes for how the new website will help Burns Sheehan to support their business growth and drive customer engagement.


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