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Recruitment Websites with Bullhorn Integration

Unify your website with Bullhorn to create one slick, seamless recruiting process. Link all candidate applications, CVs, GDPR preferences, email marketing and data with Bullhorn to ensure your data is stored in one central location.

With a seamless Bullhorn integrated website business operations are transformed into efficient, fast and automated processes.

About Bullhorn

Bullhorn is the fastest recruitment CRM on the market and manages the entire recruitment workflow from candidate sourcing to placement. CCD deliver Bullhorn integrated websites that combine truly bespoke website design, engaging user experiences and a robust cloud based platform.

A 98% Client Retention Rate

We work with many leading companies from niche sector focussed recruitment agencies to large multi-million pound turnover groups and have a 98% client retention rate.

Candidate Onboarding

Features include: Job application Forms with screening questions; Upload CV with team distribution so each and every CV reaches the right team; Channel Candidates through our advanced application portal and see complete visibility on all required data and documents to get the candidate compliant as soon as possible.

A Complete Bullhorn Integration

Publish jobs straight from Bullhorn and using a Multi poster like Broadbean
Amend, delete jobs or add expiry dates
Parse candidate directly into Bullhorn
Send in job application forms with screening questions
Upload CV with team distribution so each and every CV reaches the right team
Sync GDPR preferences with Bullhorn


Fully Featured Candidate Portal

The candidate portal is integrated with Bullhorn and provides a suite of tools for the candidate.

  • Job application history
  • Update profile straight from the website into Bullhorn
  • Job email alerts
  • GDPR preferences
  • Job basket / saved jobs
  • Automatic travel time to and from jobs

GDPR & Security

Our sites make it easy for you to achieve and maintain compliance. We ensure that our BullHorn integrations are fully GDPR compliant and have built one-click solutions for managing processes such as subject access requests.

Our team is highly experienced in designing and delivering websites quickly and efficiently, whilst always ensuring your data remains secure and GDPR compliant. We are committed to supporting our customers in meeting GDPR requirements, and have ensured that our Website Platform is GDPR compliant. CCD understand that the security of your data, and the data your store for candidates and clients, is paramount.

Bespoke Integrations

We also have multiple examples of bespoke integrations with Bullhorn for custom recruitment agency requirements.

Our Bullhorn Integrated Websites offer

  • True Bespoke Design
  • SAAS Model with cloud hosting
  • Seamless Bullhorn Integration
  • Multi Poster Integration
  • Candidate Portal
  • Candidate Application Portal
  • Client Portal
  • GDPR Portal
  • Google Accredited, Integrated SEO Service
  • Video Service
  • Brand Design Service

Why CCD?

  • Rich, Interactive, Mobile First Website Design
  • Offer a premium service at excellent value
  • Multi Award Winning
  • Secure, Robust, Constantly Updated Recruitment Website Platform
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 5 Years Experience working with Bullhorn
  • 98% Client Retention Rate
  • Ticket Support System / SLA Control
  • Trusted with an Excellent Track Record
  • Rich, Interactive, Mobile First Design
  • Complete Marketing Traceability & Reporting
  • Fully Featured Candidate Application Portal
  • Above all, we care about our clients and have brilliant feedback!

How long does it take to design a recruitment website?

Typically, between 8 and 10 weeks although for simple projects this timeline can be reduced.


How long does the Bullhorn integration take?

We provide an out of the box solution for Bullhorn so typically this can launch in an instant once the Bullhorn connection details are provided. If Bullhorn has been heavily configured an integrated may take 2-4 weeks.


What benefits does a Bullhorn integration provide?

The integration allows all data to be centralised in Bullhorn and removes any manual rekeying or inputting of candidate and job data.


What features are included in Bullhorn integrated website?

The integration allows you to publish, amend and delete jobs on the website straight from Bullhorn or a multi poster like Broadbean. You can also control the jobs’ expiry dates and meta data for SEO and for when you share the job on social media platforms.

When a candidate applies to a job, that candidate is properly tagged with the relevant details and is sent back into Bullhorn as an applicant. Upload CV and other custom forms can also feed directly into Bullhorn. If a candidate uploads a CV when applying for a job or completing a form, the CV data can be parsed as real searchable text into Bullhorn. Candidates can be distributed internally to recruiters by team, office or function.

If the candidate wishes to update their personal details or profile information with you, they may do this through the website, also automatically feeding back into Bullhorn.

To ensure GDPR compliance, the website can also sync with the candidates GDPR preferences.



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